This fall I directed a few spots for Popeye's chicken with the ad agency Mithun. It was an interesting experience as roosters are virtually undirectable creatures. That made it a bit tricky maneuvering them in the right direction and getting them to do what you want since they didn't respond to being called. The trainers of these animals don't even give them names which I thought was kind of sad, but I imagine one day they will be on a plate so really they are just shielding us from getting too attached. Also turns out they love blueberries. Who knew? We strategically placed those around the areas we wanted them to go which worked to an extent but then they were always down pecking. It was a balancing act and with some edit trickery, we were able to get a few fun little pieces out of it.

Hope you enjoy this one called Louisiana Landing.

Stay tuned as I should have another spot up in the next couple of weeks that I was teasing a few weeks back.

Cheers and Hugs,