Dog People and Various Things

In October, we will be shooting a short comedy piece involving people. Vague right? I know. 

Phil Jones came up with this idea to have people acting like dogs in a dog park. Not on all fours, begging and barking, but like how dogs would act if they were people. Confused? Don't overthink it. It's gonna be a fun shoot, and I hope it's as funny as we hope it to be. 

Meanwhile, I will keep you updated on other projects I'm working on. It's getting to be Oscar season, so look for some good flicks coming out soon. I am pretty excited to see The Skeleton Twins starring Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. 

Also Gone Girl will be out soon. The new David Fincher adaptation of the book by Gillian Flynn. This is one of those rare times where I read the book before seeing the movie, so I am interested to see my reaction to it and how knowing the ending will affect my enjoyment of the film. If you haven't seen trailers for that or The Skeleton Twins, I have it linked for you below.

Cheers and Hugs,