Two Videos in One Post!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

2015 has been a good year for projects and adventures! I have two pieces I want to share with you all. The first is a piece I did for Chex Party Mix that is filled with holiday fun. This really was an incredible experience for me. We had very little time to build, create, shoot and edit this piece and I could not be more happy with what my incredible crew was able to do. We were under the gun from the very beginning and everyone rose to the challenge. We had to shoot this in one day which was challenging, frustrating, exhilarating and strangely liberating in a way that I didn't expect. Because we all knew what we were up against, that brought us together as a crew fighting against time. I am so happy with what were able to pull off and the client was happy too which is always a good thing! Check it out below!

The second piece we are just releasing today officially. If you remember my post about my time in Mali, here is the final product! Common Pastures is the non-profit who sent us and they were blown away by the final video which I was relieved by! I knew little to nothing about the country of Mali and really what was needed from me. So the whole time, I was just sort of hoping I was getting what was needed! Thankfully it all worked out and we should still have enough footage to make even more content for them. Check it out below and please check out to learn more about the project. 

Thanks for all the support this year! Here's to a great 2016!

Cheers and Hugs,